I have a million dollar idea!

29th October

In my life, I have met a lot of people with a million-dollar idea. What I usually hear is: "Let's make a 50/50 joint venture." I usually answer: "Ideas are cheap." And I don't want to underestimate their ideas. Really. But in reality, there really are a lot of great ideas.


So why do some great ideas evolve into successful businesses and others don’t? The answer is simple; it always boils down to the people that are executing that idea to become reality. People are the ones who will make it flourish or in the majority of cases, fail miserably. And the majority of teams will look for excuses outside: the market was not ready or competition was strong… Not so in my opinion.


Being the first doesn't reassure the success

Let’s look at Outfit7, what we did was nothing revolutionary. We made entertainment apps and every single one has already existed on the market: apps with talk back functionality, apps with taking care of your virtual friend… None of our products was really the first one of its kind on the market. And Apple didn’t make the first smartphone, and Google didn’t make the first search engine.

What makes great products or services true market leaders are teams behind the idea. It takes full dedication to the extent that sometimes you forget there are other things in life. It takes a team that is aware that different is good – different people will bring different perspectives. The whole team needs to trust their idea and make it their hobby. They need to enjoy working on it every minute of their lives. A very important thing is to let go of the fear of failing. If you focus on failing, this is for sure what Universe will serve you :).

What makes great products or services true market leaders are teams behind the idea.



Differences in a team represent a huge advantage. They usually also present a reason for failing: do you like your colleagues for being different or do you just tolerate them? If you look at the word “tolerate”, it has a very negative connotation. If you merely tolerate their differences, it means you do not accept them. That means you will also not accept their contributions. If you just tolerate them, you think you are better. The whole team should feel safe to share their opinions knowing that the power of argument will always win, and never the argument of power.


Team trust

A team of people who trust each other, accept and like others for their differences, can work constructively on an idea and focus on their success (could say: manifest the same goal). But this is so rare that when you achieve to build such a team, you are automatically better than 99% of your competitors on the market. If not today, you will be better in a month or in a year.

Teams should be every startup's priority and focus.

Build a strong team and ideas will follow

Let me get back to Outfit7 as an example: when we started a company we only knew we wanted to build mobile apps. We had no idea what kind of apps we would be making. And when one of our founders spoke to a friend that was a seasoned manager, this friend told him: “If you are forming a startup without an idea, you are bound to fail”. Well, if we have proved something, it is that ideas are cheap and teams should be every startup’s priority and focus.

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