Flashlight Leadership

12th January

Flashlight leadership: For the maximum efficiency of the organization, it is important that each individual, team, and department take responsibility for their tasks.


However, in order for someone to take responsibility, they must understand the purpose of the entire organization, its vision, and where their work fits in the whole work process – where their piece of the puzzle fits.


Flashlight leadership

is a practical model of modern leadership symbolized by a simple object – a flashlight. Each part represents one piece of the organization’s field of activity. The stronger and more connected these elements are, the better the end result.


The model

is based on the research of many modern and successful organizations. We found out that understanding the function of all elements of the organization correlates with the higher engagement of employees. It is also a prerequisite for them to be willing to take full responsibility for the work they do.

The training is supported by case studies and is practically oriented. Through a series of moderation techniques, it leads participants to think about how certain areas in their organization are developed, regulated, and connected.


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