From startup to a billion dollar sale in 7 years

7 Unicorn Drive by Dani Polajnar tells the Login’s story, as the first married couple in the world to sell their company for one billion dollars and reach this level of accomplishment in business—creating a true “unicorn” in only 7 years. The book will be released on March 1, 2021.


An IT startup established in tiny Slovenia sold to consortium of Chinese investors. Not your everyday fairy tale. This is the unusual story of Iza and Samo Login, the first married couple in the world to reach this level of business success, creating a true “unicorn” in such a short time.  

It is a tale of business interwoven with a guide to different ways of thinking and leading, with an element of spirituality and a strong responsibility to oneself and to others.

Only seven years after establishing the mobile app company and after five billion downloads, their investment bankers were confused. Why now, when the company is in its best shape ever? “If we do not sell now,” they replied, “then greed wins.“

Like all great fairy tales, there are important morals we can learn from them, both in our personal lives, and in business and management. But unlike most fairy tales, this one is a true story. 

This unicorn is real.


Dani Polajnar is an author, lecturer, trainer, and coach with years of experience in fields of leadership and teamwork. He works with European corporations in order to support them in shaping their corporate culture with one objective in mind: making their employees happy, engaged, and productive.

His main mission is connecting people through a collection of keynote speeches, leadership trainings, corporate events, written materials, and videos. He is also a co-founder and CEO of Teambuilding Academy (TBA), an organization devoted to building teams and strengthening their bonds through high-end events and trainings all over Europe.

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Excerpts from the book

Excerpt from the book 1:

»Companies spend too much time, far too much, dealing with urgent matters, putting out fires. They forget what really matters. For us, it’s the flashlight that is important. Get the important things in order and then there are far fewer urgent episodes. The better you set yourself up, the fewer fires arise that need extinguishing. This leads to a lot of effort saved and energy redirected into what’s useful, upgrading the flashlight’s components. In practice it’s not as easy as the theory, but it gives us focus and helps us direct our time and energy. «

Excerpt from the book 2:

Samo picked up, in all seriousness. “It was a disaster. Like someone had just died. Then Iza burst out laughing.”
“Laughing,” Danny wondered. “Why? Surely crying would’ve been more appropriate.”
“Well, it was really more of a moment for crying, but she was laughing. Of course we asked what the heck was wrong with her. She said, quite cuttingly, that we’d lit the fire under the cauldron in which we sat ourselves.”
“What did you mean by that?”
“Just that. By manifesting these outrageous goals that we couldn’t possibly achieve through our established work processes. As soon as the Universe heard our goals, it was obvious that some change was required to meet them. That change was Jonathan’s call. Now everything was different and we’d have to just sort it out. If not, there’d be no way to achieve the goals.”

7 Unicorn Drive

From Startup to a Billion Dollar Sale in 7 Years – The Adventure of Iza and Samo Login


Author: Dani Polajnar

Translation: Noah Charney

Proofreading: Josh Rocchio

Graphic Design: Rdeča Oranža d.o.o.

Unicorn Design: Andrii Kravchenko

Publisher: Login5 Aphrodite Limited



Paperback: 978-9925-7731-2-1

Hardcover: 978-9925-7731-3-8


First edition Cyprus 2021

Copyright Ⓒ 2021 Login5 Aphrodite

All rights reserved



The most important thing I have learned about decisions is to always use common sense: if it does not make sense, then it is wrong – all things must be simple.

Samo Login, Login5 Foundation  




1 Flashlight model

A model that helps to set all important focuses for success

2 Conscious creation

A technique that helps to set high objectives that manifest in reality

3 Why WHY is so important

Properly defined purpose is like a rocket power when doing business

4 More than just a business book

It's a tense book that can't be put aside until finished

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